Look at the Goodies We Won Last Night!

Last night was really fun. I flashed for some beads. Had some drinks. Flirted. Had a blast!   (Luvs…and now for the other side of the story.   Yes she flirted, had a blast, got beads but the best part for me was the impact of her drinks.  She got so tipsy that the antics at the end of the evening were just so hilarious.  So insistent (hands on hips) she was okay and wanted to join our friends at the Swingers club.  

So we stagger out to the car and pour her in.  As we got moving she groaned and moaned so I convinced her to lay back.  As we got closer to the club, I gently asked her if she wanted the club and in a small voice she said take me home.  

I pulled into the garage and turned off the car but she was so out of it.  I came over, opened her door, lifted one arm to undo the belt and then the other and guided her out of the car.  At this time she insisted she could take care of herself and promptly bounced into the car and the garage wall (ask to see her bruise).  The indignant attitude just keep bubbling up and my grin got bigger and bigger as she climbed the stairs and said “I am okay!!!!”  And then nearly toppled over the railing.  Just a little bit of a heart flutter. 

At last I got her poured into bed and she got her best night of sleep of the week and remembers nothing. 

The funny end of this story occurred as we left this morning for the gym and she opened the car and said why is my seat back????   Always an interesting and hilarious ride with my love.  Can’t wait for the next adventure.  Vegas baby!!!)

A lube shooter, really??
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