Cupcakes and Cunnilingus 

Yesterday, the internets told me it was Cupcakes and Cunnilingus Day. Who am I to argue with the internets? So, while I was out running errands, I saved @luvsanadventur the trip and picked  

 some up. Now, it’s not like I need a day to come around for me to get his attention at all. It just sounded fun. And cupcakes!  Luvs…well it seems to have heightened your reactions!!! The squeals were so delicious to hear and the orgasms so much more!  


The Many Shades of Me

Those of you that know me, know that I can change my hair color every six weeks. Nothing perks me up like getting my hair ‘did’. That magical day is this week. I probably won’t change it much this time, but my gal makes the final choice. For years she’s taken me a little bit farther out of my comfort zone. I love it! This is the current status quo. At least until Thursday…. (And I get to wonder all day who I will come home to..)

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