Sometimes, I just do not listen to that little voice of reason in my head. 

Yesterday, @luvsanadventure and I did a local Valentine’s 5k. When we registered for this event, it was a warm winter day here in Ohio, so I thought what the hell. This past week though, has seen the polar vortex over take our ‘warm’ winter. Argh. It was a *balmy* 16 degrees as we trudged (ok that was just me. Luvs had a great run. Even got a PR –yes I love cold weather running) along the windy river front for this shiny piece of metal. The wind going was blowing right at us (for the first half).  My left hamstring has been a bitch and a half of late. I did all kinds of warm up exercises before we left, but a minute out in that weather, and my leg said forget about running, you crazy woman.  I will not be doing any other winter races. Bling be damned!  Luvs…guess then we will not get the second half of medal since it is in October 😜 Hey now! October isn’t winter! I have to have a matched set! #matchymatchy


See who else is playing here  Photofest2016 logo

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