Throwback Thursday – Moon Over Texas 2012

Lovs…So today I get to write.  One of our first solo adventures was a fantastic week in San Antonio.  We partied the nights away but the best views were of AdventurAwaits1 commando in her micro skirts.  

She had no clue how revealing they were, but she sure was sashaying it around and boy the looks she got were exciting to see.  Her sexy attitude was exuding to a point where she got up on the bar at Coyote Ugly for a body shot…could not believe  this was my wife and my life.

The week was so amazing  and a great kickstart to further adventures.  San Antonio will always be a special place.

(AA- it’s a good thing we were out of town and didn’t know anyone. Phew!)

See who else is playing here:  Photofest2016 logo

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